4 Tips For Growing Tomatoes

1. Create a Stronger Root System by Planting Your Tomatoes Deeper

When planting tomato plants you should always plant them as deep as you can without any leaves touching the ground. By burying the plant deeper, the stem will have more contact with the soil and produce more roots.

The increased root system will help increase the moisture content by having more roots to take in more water. The larger root system also helps the plant ‘anchor’ into the ground preventing it from bending over and being damaged by storms and high winds.

2. Prune the Bottom Leaves to Encourage Growth and Prevent Diseases

After your tomato plants become well established remove the lower leaves to promote new growth at the top. The lower leaves will be shaded out by the upper portion of the plant and therefor render them useless since they will not be getting enough sun to actually produce photosynthesis.

Once your tomato plants reaches two feet high remove all of the leaves on the bottom half of the plant. Use snips or pruning shears to prevent damage to the stalk. Removing these leaves will also prevent soil born diseases by preventing the leaves and stems from touching the soil.

3. Pinch Suckers to Produce Increase Tomato Yields

Suckers are the stems that grow between the stalk and a mature stem. On mature plants that are over 3 feet high they should be pinched out as soon as they begin to develop since they will not produce fruit, cause over crowing and will cause increased shading. The increased shading will decrease photosynthesizing and reduce production and quality of taste.

Some tomato growers do not prune suckers. It is not required but do know that doing so will allow more energy to the main portion of the plant, more sugars to the tomatoes, and better shape.

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4. Mulch Your Tomato Plants to Conserve Water and Prevent Diseases

Mulching around tomato plants will conserve water and help to warm the soil and promote a healthier root system. Mulching will also prevent soil born diseases by minimizing plant contact with the soil.