What's Wrong With My Vegetable Garden? And How Do I Fix It?

100% Organic Solutions for all of your Veggies, from Artichokes to Zucchini. This book is full of the proper know how to get it done.

Problem solving : With great illustrations, it will be hard to go wrong figuring out what's wrong with your plants. Once you've got the issue pinpointed, detailed instructions on what to do about it, give you and your garden a better shot at making it through.

Plant-specific guidelines : Whether you're growing artichokes, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, or zucchini, this book provides instructions on everything from planting time to soil prep, temperature and water requirements.

Once you've figured out the issues with your precious garden pals, the problem solving section of the book is divided into families of plant types, making it easy to diagnosis and treat whatever your problems might be, pests or plague.

Since this book is all about the organic, solutions are presented in terms of temperature, soil, light and water first. Organic ways of eliminating pests, large and small, are also discussed.

I will be referring to this book over and over again. A beautiful and practical guide to making your garden the best it can be.

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